Zkyte Technologies launches Contactless Technology System with BleanQ in Nigeria


As the Digital and physical world continues to blend into one, another phase of contactless technology has been introduced into Nigeria via “BleanQ”, developed by Zkyte Technologies.

M.D, Zkyte Technologies, Ayoola Dawodu officially launched the easy-way-to-life technology in Abuja on Saturday.

The technology is one that eliminates paper-carrying, as it digitizes business profiles, contacts and aids people to be present in places where they are not.

Explaining the technology, Ayoola said “with this technology, you do not necessarily need to be everywhere. In Nigeria where we do not have a centralized digital system, this technology is essential to help create such database that can be transferable”.

“It’s useful for schools, hospitals, enterprises etc. It carries business card details and you can even visit your place of work without having to be there physically. It also has a contactless way of making payments unlike the normal ATM cards” he added.

Speaking on the readiness of Nigeria to embrace such technology, Ayoola stated that ‘Nigeria has the largest population of mobile users in Africa and we are already digitizing a lot of our platforms. Even before we launched, we have already had a clientele across Africa, Cyprus, U.K and U.S.A”.

“For subscribers to enjoy this technology, they would need to log on to www.bleanq.com and begin to enjoy contactless technology.

Users of BleanQ can create BleanQ profiles for free, share customers profiles, photos, links, fuse all their business cards/profiles and more with just a single tap.


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