Goretzka: It was fun embarrassing Messi


Bayern Munich midfielder Leon Goretzka says it was fun inflicting a humiliating defeat on Lionel Messi after Friday night’s 8-2 win over Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals.

The Bundesliga giants ended Barcelona’s hope of winning a silverware this season following the heavy defeat.

And during his post-match Goretzka was asked if it hurt to embarrass a possible childhood idol such as Messi, he told Sky Sports: “No, it didn’t hurt, it was fun actually.

“It’s difficult to put this into words so soon after the game. I think it will take a couple of days to process this result.

“We have so much confidence, but as we just said in the changing room we’ve taken the first of three steps.”

Thomas Muller, who scored the opening goal of the game in the fourth minute, said it is difficult to comprehend the heavy defeat inflicted on Barcelona.

“It’s tough to explain. I think in this moment our team is in incredible shape,” Muller said to BT Sport.

“Thanks for the man of match trophy – maybe we have 12 to 15 players who deserve it. We worked so hard and have this intensity. It’s tough to beat us. It was so much fun today.

 “For our style of players it doesn’t matter about the names of players we are facing. When someone presses and dribbles, it’s not a problem. Then we catch the ball and have so much talent in the offensive line.

“We feel good, but now we have to be quiet and regenerate.

“This is a big statement but the next game we start at 0-0. The statement doesn’t matter. The other teams will watch our game and they can be impressed or not. We start at 0-0 and have to win the next game.

“Today we have to be very happy. After we wake up and answer the messages on the phone then we have to focus.

“I know about these tournament situations. Most of the time after the big wins (he played in the 7-1 win over Brazil at the 2014 World Cup) it’s difficult.”


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