‘How Napoli can help Osimhen solve his attitude problem’


The tactician suggests what the Parthenopeans must do to help the Super Eagle overcome his problems which could mar his promising career

Napoli must employ a seasoned coach in psychology for Victor Osimhen to work on whatever attitude problems he might have, according to veteran coaching instructor Henry Abiodun.

Despite his impressive exploits in the beautiful game, the striker occasionally has made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Most recently, the Nigeria international was sent packing from the Serie A side’s Monday training session by manager Luciano Spalletti following a scuffle with new teammate Leo Ostigard.

Bothered by this and similar incidents in the past, the former Sunshine Stars coach, who is the CEO and president of H&B Global Sports, provided a remedy to help the attacking sensation, hence he might damage his promising career.

“It is just unfortunate that we are seeing this happen to him,” Abiodun told GOAL.

“When you look at the magnitude of potential God has given to him, how hard he has been working, we can say he is almost the only player in the Super Eagles right now who is indispensable.

“Even with Napoli, the kind of contract he signed and how other big clubs are looking at him says a lot about his prospect.

“Again, handling his emotion is a very delicate part of maturity and if you must sustain staying at the top, that is very important.”

“He is playing for a big team like Napoli and what they can do for him is to get him [Osimhen] a coach in psychology.

“That’s all they can do for him. It is as simple as that and at the same time, it is not simple because if his problems are not diagnosed, how do you solve them?

“His attitude is a big challenge that can wreck him and bring his value down. On top of any talent any human being has, a good character is the main point because that is what you build on to sustain whatever you are doing.

“Right now, character-wise, reports are not favourable towards him. Like I will reiterate, a knowledgeable coach should be employed for him privately in psychology, and I think that will solve the whole problem.”

Many have attributed Osimhen’s laissez-faire attitude to the wealth football had given him at a very tender age.

However, Abiodun thinks otherwise: “It could be but we cannot ascertain that until a coach work with him, then we are able to tell what the problem is,” he added.

“When you ask Osimhen this question, he will tell you that is not it because you cannot evaluate yourself.

“Again, we know these are natural things – that when you get to stardom there will be a change of attitude.

“However, if you cannot control your emotion or take responsibility for your actions and evaluate your day-to-day events.

“He should realise that his talent has taken him so far. He can’t continue to be on the negative side of life.”

Osimhen will shoulder Napoli’s goalscoring responsibilities when the 2022-23 kick-off against Verona at Marcantonio Bentegodi on August 15.