Nadal: When that happens, it will be time to say I quit


The Roland Garros 2020 was held in absolutely unprecedented conditions for the players. The Coronavirus emergency in fact forced the organizers to move the tournament to autumn, with very different weather conditions compared to May-June.

In addition, the historic collaboration with the Babolat balls, which were replaced by the Wilson balls this year, has ended. Not everyone liked this change, and even Rafael Nadal himself had expressed fierce criticism before the start of the tournament.

Contrary to the opinion of the skeptics, the Spaniard did not allow himself to be distracted by adversity by winning his 13th title in the French capital and equaling Roger Federer’s Grand Slam record. The former World number 1 did not give up a single set along the way, dominating far and wide the final against Novak Djokovic.

Interviewed by El Periodico in recent days, the Majorcan has dissolved the tension by revealing that he has no problems with the organizers of the Parisian Slam.

 “Please, I have heard and read that thesis on Roland Garros balls, yes, and it is absurd, an outrage.

Roland Garros changes sponsor and the new sponsor makes his own balls. My relationship with Roland Garros is excellent, I have no complaints, either from the public or the organization. My feeling is that every year they are very, very happy that I win.

And it shows” – Rafael Nadal explained. He credits his stability to a simple life routine. In addition, it helps the Spaniard to be grounded. “Sport cannot be separated from life. If I had gone to live on the other side of the world, separated from my family, friends and my loved ones, I would have suffered and dragged that emotional wear on the track.

The fact of not having separated myself from my usual environment, since I was a child, has helped me to have a longer career. That emotional stability, that normal, simple daily life, has also helped me keep my feet on the ground and not go crazy when I won or see everything negative after a defeat,” he added.

The Spaniard believes that the day has to come one day eventually. But, it is not something that he keeps on thinking about throughout the day. “I can’t guess when I’ll retire, I’m not, no. Who knows, the same in a year.

You cannot program the future. I don’t know what life will bring us, maybe things will happen that will take away my illusion about what I’m doing,” said Nadal. “Of course, to this day, I see it unlikely, but one must always be prepared because things change very quickly,” added Nadal.


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