Nigeria Invitational Womens T20i Cricket: Rwanda wins Battle of guts against Tanzania 


Bob Songa, former Rwanda Senior Men’s cricket team Captain was impressed by the gradual improvement of their female cricket team as they defeated top-ranked Tanzania by 33 runs.

Rwanda fought hard to win the opening match against East African rival Tanzania who is also the best-ranked Associate Cricket country in Africa. It was Rwanda’s second victory in seven games thanks to familiar TBS Grounds and Rwanda’s determined players.

Rwanda scored 119 runs and lost 4 wickets in 20 overs. They went on to clean out the first five Tanzanian batters through an effective bowling force in the 2nd inning. Tanzania had 86 runs and lost all wickets in 16.4 overs. Henriette Ishimwe won the Player of the Match award for taking 3 wickets and scoring 17 runs.

Tanzania’s female captain, Neema Pius blamed the fielders and middle-order batters’ indiscipline. However, Neema promises to get back into the game by winning all remaining matches.

“We will let them know it was a mistake and we are working on it. We are expecting more good performance from our team members in subsequent games. We are the best-ranked team.”

The successful Rwanda female cricket captain, Marie Diane earlier promised to take advantage of their familiarity with TBS turf and more.

” It was a good win for us. The way we started it was a very tough game but we came back strong and brought the win to our side. We are going to continue with the momentum. We are going to continue doing the right thing and the other things will do itself.

It was a battle of pressure on both teams and spectators who mostly speculated a winner in the last over. 

Rwanda locks horns next against Sierra Leone on Monday’s second game.


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