Okoromi: The Prodigy that made Gold Cup possible for ABS FC

Okoromi: The Prodigy that made Gold Cup possible for ABS FC

There were many takeaways from the just concluded Ogunjobi Gold Cup but one can’t just forget the impact of a young but rugged player called David Okoromi of ABS Ilorin FC.

After a quite not encouraging start by ABS FC, the team came back to their feet in the second game against Gombe United as they won 2-1 with Okoromi causing a penalty for Mubarak Gata to slot in their first goal and he scoring the second to keep the hope alive, thus the beginning of their impressive run.

The three points secured in the second game actually inspired the Saraki boys into a resounding 2-0 victory over FC Ebedei in their last group game when Samuel Oyedeji hit a master class free kick to open the score line and Okoromi yet again capped it all for his side with another cool header. What is then the definition of consistency?

After the group stage games, his strategic positioning coupled with his eagerness to always ‘factored’ in his team victory helped him in scoring three decisive goals in the semi-final and the final of the tourney.

He tormented Gombe United and drove their defence weak point with his brace in the final as he found the back of the net in the 56th and 60th minutes of the game. The Savannah scorpion couldn’t recover from his damage and went on to lose the earlier secured advantage.

Fond of causing menace and  threats to the defence of the opponent, no doubt, the former Golden Eaglets invitee has got all it takes to become a force to reckon with in the season on the horizon.

Another hallmark worth to note is that David scored three of hi

s goals from the competition’s most valuable player Samuel Oyedeji’s assist. For Samuel is another complete story of influence and leadership in the team.

One could also added, that he is a manifestation of his club youth system that has always provide opportunities for young players to thrive in a record time.

As the highest goal scorer of the Gold cup tourney, he scored five of his club total 10 goals in the competition with a whole of his individual effort rendering the coast clear. Coach Anthony Encho might just need to apply all his tactics around the young lad whose energy and zeal look different from his age.

With his ability to play wide and deep, David can be trusted to hit the button anytime and anywhere in front of the goal. And if drought persists, he can always break the deadlock or perhaps play integral role to get one.

He is just an answer to some clubs problem. Why shouldn’t some big teams in the tournament which had bitter experience of cutting edge secure the service of a player like him before he bears the thought of going elsewhere because he has been receiving invitation for trials in Europe.

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