Water FC: An Academy of exploits


Water FC has produced notable players who have represented Nigeria in World Cup. 

Some.of.the players are; Babatunde Michael- 2014 Brazil World Cup, Success Makanjuola- U-20 World Cup, Emeka Chinonzo- U-20 World Cup, Patrick Viera- U-20 World Cup, Makanjuola Abeeb- U-17 World Cup, Okechukwu Gabriel- CHAN Super Eagles in Morocco and hosts of others who have represented Nigeria in one tournament or the other. 

Water FC is known for spotting young talents. 

They are focused on building great careers for their players and as well their morales.

The scouting exercise will take place at FIFA Project Park B, National Stadium Abuja, on the 12th- 14th January, 2022 at 7am.


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