Jide Allen emerges champion of 2nd Harmony Open Golf tournament


Jide Allen of Radio Kwara has been crowned overall winner of the 2nd edition of the Harmony Open Golf Tournament in Ilorin, Kwara State during the weekend.

The veteran sports journalist told newsmen he is a fulfilled man winning the 2023 Harmony Open Golf Tournament which had over 50 participants.

The vast sports presenter revealed that the passion for golf made him delve into sports journalism.

He said, “Every winner on occasions like this will always feel great. I am a fulfilled man having put so much into preparing for this competition with several training sessions. 

“I had the opportunity of putting a lot into it but then no matter what, you always need the God factor to crown your efforts. You must not say because this is not the first time of winning and not attribute the success to God up there. 

“I am happy that today I emerged Champion of the 2nd Harmony Open Golf Championship”.

An elated Jide Allen explained how he has been able to merge sports journalism and the game of sports together without having any crisis.

He said, “I am a golfer who became a sports journalist because I started playing golf before sports journalism and it was the love of golf that pushed me to specialise in the reportage of the sport. 

“When I discovered that we did not have a specialist in reporting golf the way it is played; the person who was close to golf reportage was Late Patrick of The Guardian Newspaper those days. He was the only person close to writing golf. 

“I became motivated to pick up journalism to promote and report the game of golf properly. I am a sports man and combining presenting on the radio and playing golf is an easy task”, Allen told newsmen.

“I play golf, table tennis and all sports;. It is the same terrain and I am able to move my way round the sports. I don’t see it being stressful being a golfer and a sports reporter at the same time.

“There are a lot of younger players who are coming up but I will always be around to give them a run for their money; they should note that”, he added.

Allen, who started representing Kwara State in the golf event at the 1998 National Sports Festival in Imo State said he will continue to encourage the younger players.

He said, “I have played enough National Sports Festival in golf for Kwara State. I represented Kwara at the Gateway Games in Ogun State 18 years ago. 

“I participated at the 1998 National Sports Festival in Imo State; when you look at the National Sports Festival I have played from 1998 till this moment, it is now by choice to feature in any. 

“I am going to encourage these young boys, but like I said, I am not quitting this season. If I have the time, I’ll be glad to fly the flag of Kwara at the 2024 National Sports Festival in Ogun State”.


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