I’m qualified for post of DoS -Jimoh Kehinde


The Administrator of Kwara State Football Academy (KFA), Mallam Kehinde Jimoh has alluded to the fact that he is qualified by virtue of any ranking to become the new Director of Sport at the Kwara State Sports Council.

He drooped this hint during a chat with newsmen in his office, recently.

Accordingto him,’I think am duly qualify for the post of the Director of sports by virtual of any pedigree.

The current Director of Sports, Coach Tunde Kazeem will officially quit the Civil Service on July 1, 2020, after 35 years in service.

‘The intention of every human being is to grow. I was employed to Kwara State Sports Council years back as a staff and I went through all ranks and files. I developed myself both academically and professionally.

‘I slugged it out with the outgoing Director the other time, but the post fell to his hands and we supported him. So if today he is leaving and the office is open, it behooves on me that I’m one of the people to take the seat”, Jimoh said.

Continuing ‘In terms of experience, am qualified. In terms of the profession, am much qualified. I want to continue from where the man stop if am appointed because sport is what I eat and is part of me.’H

He added that KFA is not his primary assignment as he still collects his salary from the Sport Council.“

‘I was redeployed to KFA to settle and put some things alright. KFA is not my primary assignment, but the Sports Council. And if vacancies opens there, I think am dutifully qualify for the post. I still have my monthly salary paid by the Sport Council,” he stressed.

Jimoh further added that his three years as Administrator of KFA has brings about face-lift to the college.“

‘When I was to moved to the KFA via redeployment I was told by the then Permanent Secretary that Government doesn’t have money to give. They are looking unto me to keep the legacy of the college which I pledged to do my part.

‘The total of students I met on ground was 89 and now we have 165 students. With this at least has assisted to spread the gospel of KFA.

‘Two, it has enable people to know that investment in students particularly in the area of footballing and education is not a waste. It’s a long time investment which will be harvested positively.

‘When this new government came on board for the first time of my three years experience there. I wrote a memo to the government about Pitch Soccer Tourney, the government gave me N1. 950,000 and the tournament was a big success.

‘After the program, about seven players from Kwara State where picked, no thank to Covid-19, the students ought to have been there now.”

He added: ‘I was able to makes a link to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), to get one of our player that absconded and the player felt the academy some cash of about N10 million as a result of his exit. With this we were able to offsets the backlogged of our staff salary.’

The KFA Administrator however, lauded the Kwara State Government for reawakening the faces of sports development in the state.

‘First is the reawakening of the state sports festival. We have had it last in 15 years. I think it is a glory. People that know what sports is all about give kudos to that efforts,’ he concluded.


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