Kwara State dissolves Sports Associations


Kwara State Sports Council has announced the dissolution of all Sports Associations.

The Associations were constituted and inaugurated three and a half years ago, to midwife the development of the 28 sports events in the state.

In a letter dated May 24th, and signed by the Director of Sports, Mallam Ibrahim Alarape Atanda, he commended the Association Chairmen and members for contributing their quota to the development of sports in the state.

‘I wish to notify the Sports Association Chairmen of the decision of Kwara State Sportas Council to dissolve all the associations with immediate effect’, the latter read in part.

‘Within the last three and a half years, many of the Sports Associations performed remarkably well in terms of development and achievement in their sports, which then eclipsed at the just concluded National Sports Festival in Edo state.

‘I wish to thank all Chairmen and members for their contributions within the period they served’, he concluded.

In an exclusive chat with, the Director, Mallam Alarape said he has met with the coaches and secretaries of the sports associations, and that new Chairmen and members will emerge in the next one month.

He warned against recycling of unproductive members, as he pledged not to interfere with their selection processes.


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