NPFL Directs Coaches on Media Engagement Protocols

Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) has issued a practice directive to clubs reminding on existing protocols for post-match media engagement by their Technical Heads.

In a memo with the heading, Participation of Coaches at Post Match Conferences, and dated February 29, 2024, the NPFL Chief Operating Officer, Davidson Owumi said strict adherence to the guidelines is imperative developing and building the NPFL in line with international practices.

The memo, cited Rule B6.26 to remind Club Coaches that participation in post match media conferences are mandatorily, though they are at liberty to occasionally nominate a representative.

The memo also touched on the need for decorum in the conduct of the Media and Coaches, noting that, “beyond the mandatory participation, is the decorum expected at all times from the coaches and also the journalists. While Clubs Media Officers must organise and moderate the Post Match interactions, they also must protect the Coaches by disallowing provocative questions”.

To forestall situations of rancour between the media and Coaches, Clubs have been admonished to provide professional guidance for their Coaches on how to comport during post match engagements with the media.

“Every club is invited to groom their Coaches on appropriate manners at such media events to avoid situations where the league is brought to disrepute by unruly behaviour of a coach. Rule C9 requires clubs to ensure the proper conduct of their players and officials at all times during matches”, Owumi pointed out in the memo.

It further warned that the NPFL will henceforth apply sanctions as prescribed in the Framework and Rules on any Club, and their Coach found to have flouted provisions of rule C9 and C1.1 relating to general misconduct.

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