Attack on Kwara United GM, players and other officials condemned


Football all over the world is a game that unites and strengthen peaceful coexistence amidst people of diverse race, color and ethnic groups.

The game is a leveler and it makes everybody on the football pitch to have sense of belonging. This is further extended to countries of the world as it opens door for both national and international engagement towards strengthening relationship and robust economic treaties.

You would recall that Kwara United Football Club was billed to play Koller Football Club in a friendly match yesterday evening before departing for Ijebu-Ode for Governor Dapo Abiodun pre-season tournament, unfortunately some miscreants converged on the pitch to distort the preparation of Kwara United football players and other officials.

Some of the miscreants constituting nuisance were identified as players who had played for Kwara United Football Club and other team in the state. They were carrying placards with different inscriptions to sabotage the efforts of Kwara United players, management team and as well cause unnecessary security threat in the state.

However, some sources within Kwara stadium made it known that some of the heretics had earlier on Friday met the Chairman of Kwara State Sports Commission at Kwara Football Academy where the Chairman advised them to channel their grievances through appropriate channel, instead of constituting nuisance and causing unrest.

We gathered that the miscreants who were sponsored agitated that the management team must sign new players of Ilorin origin and that the existing players should be streamlined to ensure that 90% of Kwara United Football players are indigenes of Ilorin.

Taking into consideration the undertone of the shameful display it’s obvious that the culprits are uncivil and benighted in their state of mind and approach.

It’s important to note that Kwara United Football Club is being financed with Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of Kwarans at large, so the agitation for 90% of Ilorin indigenes in the team is baseless and look wide-eyed.

One wonders what becomes of the team if Kwara North that has five Local Government Areas and Kwara South that has seven Local Government Areas should agitate for a quota based on their population, definitely the football team would crumble and might likely cease to exist.

Kwara United Football Club is not a local football team hence, the approach of signing players and management of the team should be professional as it is seen under the present management team headed by Bashir Badawiy as General Manager.

As it is today, Kwara United Football Club is ranked as one of the top four in Nigeria league, the brilliant performance of the team in recent time was as a result of the brilliant approach of the entire management team.

It’s on this note that we call on the law enforcement agencies to investigate the nasty occurrence and fish out the unscrupulous elements that were responsible for the shameful act and ensure that the full weight of law is melted on them.

We call on the management team of Kwara United Football Club not to be distracted with the miscreants actions, more effort should be channeled towards their drive in making the team a reputable one that can compete in both national and international tournament.

The miscreants are hereby advise to desist from their nonsensical act because we won’t tolerate a sect of individuals to sabotage Kwara United Football FC and relegate it to mere local football team due to bigotry and unprofessional approach that has held the team in relegation before the present management team came on board


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