Kwara Football Council Elections: Four Local Government Areas to get Interim Committees


The Appeals Committee for the forthcoming Kwara State Football Council Elections has directed the Kwara State Football Association to, as a matter of urgency, constitute Interim Committees to run the affairs of four Councils who failed to meet all the requirements for elections.

Tbe four Local Football Councils are Asa, Ifelodun, Ilorin West and Moro Local Government Areas. The Electoral Committee had, after the screening yesterday, Thursday March 9, 2023,  disqualified the four Local Government Areas from the exercise. 

At the end of its meeting of the Appeals Committee today, Friday  March 10th, 2023, the Kwara State Football Association was directed to immediately constitutes and appoint credible relevant football stakeholders as Interim Committee members, so as not to create vacuum, and also to see to the smooth running of the game of football in the four Local Football Councils that were disqualified from 2023 Local Football Councils Elections.

The Committees equally emphasized that candidates that had earlier collected Forms of Intent to participate from the four disqualified Local Football Councils are not disqualified from contesting in the elections as it was their Local Football Councils that were disqualified. 

Therefore, they are eligible to participate in subsequent elections in their respective Local Football Councils after normalization of their Local Football Councils disqualification.

The exercise, according to the Committee, was done in line with the Statues, Electoral Code and Electoral Guidelines of the Kwara State Football Association.

The Kwara State Local Football Councils Elections has been rescheduled to come up on Tuesday 21st March, 2023, at Alhaji Shehu Usman Mustapha Football House, Kwara Stadium Complex, Ilorin beginning from 8:00am.


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