Kwara Youth League will eliminate age discrepancies – Sanni

Kwara Youth League will eliminate age discrepancies – Sanni

The maiden edition of Kwara youth league (KYL) has been described as a watershed aimed at preparing  coaches and players at the grassroots for the task ahead while also building their capacities. 

Chairman of Nigeria Football Coaches Association (NFCA), Kwara chapter, Tunde Sanni said that the initiative was put together to enliven young players with real match situation.

Speaking to newsmen at the ongoing Kwara Youth league U-15 Super Six play-off championship, the Chairman stated that the league, which featured 12 teams among many other things, seeks to discover talented players and also
give them the right platform to develop their skills.

“Age cheat is one of the problem in Nigeria football and we are trying to check that through this league with the view to produce players who will be able to stand the test of time” he remarked.

Tunde Sanni, who is also a board member of Kwara State Football Association appealed to people with financial wherewithal for sponsorhip of the league as he noted that funding has always been the challenge.

Expressing optimism in the future of the league, he pointed out that it has been quite herculean getting the boys together for matches but still hope for the best as they drive one of the greatest grassroots development programme.

Recalled that the league was suspended midway due to the outbreak of Covid-19, hence it’s management decision to organise the play-off to determine this year’s champion.

The play-off championship which has now progressed to the semi-final stage had SC Primisport Lasora, Kwara Football Academy (KFA) and Future Stars 
drawn in Group A, while La Planet Sport Academia, ABS Youth team and Koller FA are in Group B. 

KFA and Koller FA will now be facing each other in one of the semi-final taking place tomorrow, while the other game involving ABS Youth Team and SC Primisport Lasora will hold on Friday.

Yolvicmike Hellenic, Football Coaches Society, Sure Boys FA,
Real Ultimate FA, Gerewu FA
Olunlade FA are among the 12 teams that participated in the Youth League.

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