Nigeria’s female cricket team defeated top-ranked Namibia by 55 runs

Peace Usen’s outstanding performance has boosted the Nigeria Female Yellow cricket team’s confidence and medal hopes, as she helped the squad upset Namibia in their second game of the 13th African Games.

Peace, who made her debut for Nigeria yesterday at Achimota Secondary School Cricket Oval, was named Player of the Match in the second game after taking three wickets and recording two maiden overs. 

Her compatriot, Salome Sunday, batted 40 runs off 36 balls to preserve Nigeria’s total at 111 in the first overs. 

The aggressive Nigerian fielders and bowlers hampered Namibia’s pursuit. All of Namibia’s top batsmen were suddenly removed as the game came to a finish after 18.4 overs. The 3rd ranked team in Africa total runs was 56 for 10 wickets(56/10).

Nigeria now has 3 points from two games. The Female Yellow Green’s first game on Thursday against Tanzania was washed off by rain and they shared one point apiece as traditional with Cricket. 

Nigerian top Group A after a round of 2 games. South Africa will be Nigeria’s next game on Sunday as the team hopes for a semi-final slot after group games.

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