Osimhen denies Tottenham Hotspur’s link


Victor Osimhen purported link to Tottenham Hotspur has been declared as nothing but a farce.

There had been rash of reports claiming a close confidant of the Lille striker, Ariyo Igbayilola reportedly held discussions with Spurs’ manager, Jose Mourinho on a possible transfer to the English Premier League in the summer.

But a distraught Igbayilola said nothing could be farther from the truth since he doesn’t run an agency on behalf of the Super Eagles striker, adding his contact with Mourinho is a ruse.

” I’m not a football intermediary, so how would I be discussing about transfer of Osimhen to Tottenham Hotspurs when I don’t have such power? ”  Igbayilola told The Nation newspapers in Nigeria.

“My initial reaction was to ignore the erroneous report but how many would know that report was not the truth.”

Igbayilola said he has never abused his close affinity to the Lille striker and he has no reason to do so even now when the player has an agency in place.

“Jean Gerard of Matching Sport is the only person that can speak about possible transfers for Osimhen,” Igbayilola further explained.

 “I don’t have any link with Mourinho and I have never discussed anything of such with him.

”I think it’s not a good time talking about possible transfer of Victor even at this time when he’s still mourning the death of his father.

“We have to respect the family and the player in particular at this time and refrain from this type of negative report.

”For the avoidance of doubt, I want the mischief makers to know that I’m not an agent and i don’t represent Osimhen in transfer matters.

”I only co-owned a football club to source and groom young talents which by God’s grace we have been doing to the best of our abilities.

“It’s good to put the record straight,” noted Igbayilola


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