We are a legal entity -Club Owners tells Baribote

The Football Club Owners Association of Nigeria (Club Owners) have reacted to a recent outburst by erstwhile Chairman of the Nigeria Premier League (NPL), Chief Rumson Baribote, as he described the association as an illegal body.

In a statement signed by the Secretary of the association, Alloy Chukwuemeka, the association described Chief Baribote’s statement as insensitive and careless. 

The association said Chief Baribote may have lost touch with the trends of modern protocols of football administration since his unceremonious exit as the NPL boss many years ago.

‘He may have also forgotten that he was once a member of the association, same association that voted him to become Chairman of NPL and 2nd Vice President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). He worked with the association when he was the NPL boss and sometime ago nominated his wife to represent his club, Nembe City in the association which he now referred to as an illegal body.

‘It is pertinent to also remind Chief Baribote who has lost his status of membership of the association that the same Club Owners he referred to as an illegal body voted for his unceremonious exit as the Chairman of the NPL .

Club Owners said the association would not like to join issues with Chief Baribote, rather advise him to make more research to ascertain the true status of the association in the eye of the law before rushing to make unsubstantiated and careless statements in the media.

The association said Club Owners Association comprised of distinguished and eminent personalities who are owners, Chairmen, Managers and Administrators of their various clubs in their capacities as heads of their respective clubs.

It further informed Chief Baribote that the association is a legal entity known to Nigeria law as it is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and recognized by the LMC and the NFF.

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