Why I started my career as a striker -Daniel Aiyenugba


The son of former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Dele Aiyenugba has revealed the reason he started his career as a striker and not a goalkeeper.

Daniel, who is currently playing for the U-15 side of Kwara Football Academy has disclosed that the little time he spends with his father during his summer holidays inspires him to want to become a goalkeeper like his dad.

According to the youngster, his father did not support his decision to become a goalkeeper at the beginning because he wants him to be a striker.

This was why he started his career as a striker, but later started his goalkeeping career when his dad was in Isreal.

Also, he revealed that watching his dad train inspires him to become a goalkeeper

“When he comes home I look at his training.”

“My dad said I should not be a goalkeeper. He wants me to be a striker. He was in Israel when I started my goalkeeping career and this is the first time he will see me at the goal post.”

Although Dele Aiyenugba did not support his son’s choice at the beginning, the former Enyimba goalie supported his decision when he found out about his decision.

“When my dad knew my choice of career, he told me to continue and said he will not want to decide for me.”

Daniel disclosed that he has a good relationship with his dad and he has learned a lot from the conversation he had with him about his career.

“I have a good relationship with my dad and during our conversation, I have learned to be a good goalkeeper and be disciplined with my coach.”

“My dad taught me to be disciplined and he told me to respect my coaches and obey their instructions.”

“He also told me to watch my diet so I would not add weight because it is not good for me as a goalkeeper.”

When asked about the decision of his dad to join boyhood club, Kwara United FC, the youngster said he is excited to have his dad close to him in Ilorin.

“I am excited to have my dad in Ilorin.”

Daniel was part of the Kwara Football Academy team that won the Ramat Cup in Kano.



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