Kwara State Teqball Association fix Saturday for exhibition games


The Chairman of Kwara State Teqball Association, Yahaya Yar’adua said exhibition matches will come up on 24th April, 2021 at the Kwara State Stadium Complex, Ilorin.

Yar’adua told newsmen on yesterday that players will be slected to represent the state in subsequent tournaments within and outside the state.

He said coaches of teams attending the exhibition matches are expected to bring 5 skillful players from their team to the occasion.

The former Chairman of Kwara All Star Football Club said, “We have proposed to hold a sensitization/exhibition match for individuals and clubs interested in Teqball on Saturday.

“Kwara State Coaching Association, Club Owner, the management of Kwara Football Academy, Coaches, football stakeholders, talented players, Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), Football All stars FC, Kwara All Stars family, football supporters and interested members are invited for the sensitization/exhibition and screening program.

“During the sensitization/exhibition and screening program, some players might be selected as the acting Team Kwara Teqball representatives. Coaches are expected to bring 5 skillful players from their team to the occasion”.


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