RAAF FC wins Ifelodun Unity Cup


Today is the final and the final is between GANMO UNITED VS RAAF SHARE

RAAF Football Club of Share has emerged winners of the Ifelodun Unity Cup soccer competition, concluded in Share on Friday January 1, 2021.

The club defeated Ganmo United 4-2 on penalties, after the match ended one-goal apiece at regulation time.

RAAF FC had earlier defeated Baobajiro FC 3-1 in the semi-final, while Ganmo United beat

Asojuoba FC 2-1, to set up a final clash.

Six clubs competed in the competition whioch was introduced to further cement the relationship among the youth in the area.

the teams are RAAF FC of Share, Baobajiro FC Share, Asojuoba FC of Babanloma, Babanloma United, Ganmo United and Lakanla FC.

The final match was watched by the Olupako of Share, Oba Sulaiman Haruna Penpen bi Asa II.


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