Kwara United draws ABS FC, as State League gets kick-off date

The Kwara State Football Association yesterday held the draws for the State Super League, which has been tentatively scheduled to kick-off on March 25, 2021.

At the draws ceremony held at the FA Secretariat, coaches, players, administrators, observers and representatives from the  participating clubs were in attendance.

According to the Organising Committee of the FA, fifty (50) clubs within the state will play in this year’s edition which will feature 16 groups.

The draws was generated in front of all the team representatives and FA officials, leaving no margin for error.

More than nine (9) clubs outside Ilorin namely Bakobaru United of Kaiama, Mancho FC of Patigi, Akajispo FC and Wenrri FC (both from Barutein), Laycon FC from Offa, Edu Future Stars, Olumide FC from Isin, Moje FC from Erinle and Raaf FC & Loma FC from Ifelodun registered for this year’s edition.

Group A and B has four teams, while the remaining has three. Highlight of the draw was in Group A where Kwara United Youth team were pitted alongside ABS Ilorin FC youth team.

Reigning champions, Kwara Police, who won the competition (2019), the last time it was held, were drawn alongside Barrier FC and Debby FC.

Over three games has been earmarked for the opening day of the competition, with Kwara United engaging Edu Future Stars, ABS Ilorin FC against INEC FC, Bakobaru United facing Yolvicmike FC.

Only the top placed teams in each group will make it to the round of sixteen which will be played in a knock-out format, and it was also noted that the championship will last for three weeks, subject to ratification by the FA.

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