NNL spells criteria for coaches to be Managers of clubs in the League


Football Coaches wishing to work with any team in the Nigeria National League (NNL) must possess a mandatory minimum professional qualification of Confederation of African Football (CAF) ‘B’ Certificate or its equivalent, or shun the idea of a coaching career in the nation’s Most Important League.

Rolling out the conditions, NNL Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Emmanuel Adesanya said ”reaching desired standard means creating conditions for it and then working towards it”.

“It is a professional league, next to Nigeria’s elite football league and we cannot settle for less. What we offer at the NNL is key towards developing a more professional status for our clubs before they get to the topflight”

Mr. Adesanya stated that only a trained coach who has gone through tutelage, understands the rules and what is required of him as a coach off and on his duty post will be allowed to handle NNL teams.

As contained in the enshrined NNL rules and club licensing regulations, no coach is entitled to occupy the TECHNICAL or TOUCHLINE AREAS without meeting the pre-requisite professional coaching grade.

Consequently, coaches must at all times, observe the appropriate dress code as well as exhibit good level of professionalism and conduct  at the TECHNICAL AREA (The technical area is a special zone for technical staff and substitutes) /TOUCHLINE (Football field’s sideline).

“Every coach is and should be seen at all times as a good model, the touchline attire should be appropriate for the coaches as they brawl instructions at their players during a game”, Mr. Adesanya emphasized.

Part of the correspondence to clubs on this read that: Coaches are allowed to wear standard club –issued tracksuits, appear smartly and may wear branded apparels of their sponsors, and should on no  occasion, put on native/traditional attires.

Coaches must desist from deliberate provocative comments or gestures which are capable of bringing the game to disrespute.Defaulters, it also warned, would pay stipulated fines for improper dressing and such gestures. 


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