Stop vomiting rubbish – Club Owners caution Lobi stars Media, Management

The Secretariat of the Football Club Owners Association of Nigeria (Club Owners Association) has reacted to a social media response to the conclusion of the 2019/2020 NPFL by the Media Officer of Lobi Stars FC, Mr Austin Tyowua who claimed to be writing on behalf of the club’s management. 
In a reaction signed by the Secretary of the body, Alloy Chukwuemeka described Lobi Star’s response as rubbish.
According to him, ‘Ordinarily we would have ignored  the trash as belonging to the dustbin but for the purpose of the reading public, to understand the true state of some of the issues raised in his ranting.
‘First and foremost, the whole issues of the best amongst four options on how to finally end the 2019/2020 NPFL season has not been officially announced by the League Management Company (LMC). 
‘Secondly the online voting process conducted by the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Club Owners Association of Nigeria on the options was an internal exercise of the body, which we understand was leaked by Lobi Stars FC boss to the Media, to discredit the association and the process. We are still marvelled at how his Media  Officer was able to access our internal memos. The necessary sanctions awaits him inline with the disciplinary rules of the association. 
‘His accusation of the LMC and the Club Owners Association, of promoting illegality by proposing the Point-Per-Game (PPG) system in determining the standings on the league table – such erroneous accusations will be treated accordingly inline with the relevant rules.
‘PPG has been a universal acceptable standard process to determine game and  to ensure sporting fairness. It has been tested overtime and applied by some countries including France, to end their season in similar circumstances like ours.
‘Those who challenged the PPG at the court in France were  ruled against, thus confirming the genuineness and authenticity of the process in taking such decisions. 
He said that Lobi Stars were crying foul of the PPG because it did not favour their club to get a continental ticket, pointing out that two seasons ago, clubs made sacrifices in the overall interest of the system when they unanimously voted for Lobi Stars to take the CAF Champions League ticket to the detriment of others who were in better positions to displaced them had the league been completed. 
‘Lobi Stars, by pointing accusing fingers to its fellow clubs like Rivers United FC, Enyimba FC and others have demonstrated and displayed  the highest level of ungreatefulness to those clubs who two seasons ago, sacrificed their position based on prevailing circumstances and the interest of oneness agreed that the club be allowed to fly the country’s flag at the CAF Champions League. 
‘The Club also displayed its lack of understanding of its club’s  motto ‘Shoe get size’ when it tried to compare its performances in continental football championship with that of Enyimba FC, a case of a Makurdi rat raising shoulder with an Aba Elephant.
‘Moreso, that Enyimba FC moved up from 5th to 2nd position via PPG is a clear indication that they earned more points from lesser games played, a sign that they are giants.
‘On the  issue of online voting by the Club Owners, Lobi Stars FC fully participated through Mr. Mike Idoko and voted in option C which was tagged ‘Abstain’ (electronic evidence of his voting is available for sighting). 
‘They also  erroneous alleged that only option A was displayed for voting, how then  did Rangers voted for option B which is Super 6 play off?.
‘Again they claimed that the online voting was done between 4pm to 8pm disallowing them from consulting with their Club Management, how then did Mr. Mike Idoko duly participated throughout the four hours duration or have they forgotten that other clubs who voted in their favour two seasons ago did it via voice vote and a duration of less than 25 minutes without consulting their different managements.
‘While we advise Lobi Stars to accept the popular verdict in the best interest of the game as occasioned by the unfortunate incident of the novel Covid-19 pandemic, it is notable to restate that the adoption of the PPG mechanism in determining the table is for sporting fairness as we were faced with some clubs playing  lesser  matches than others .
‘More so Lobi Stars should appreciate and reciprocate the sacrifices made by other clubs when we were faced with similar challenges and circumstances in the past which favoured them.
They should also caution their Media Officer to mind his choice of words in public space as well as accord due respect to the positions and office of the Chairman of the Club Owners Association of Nigeria and that of the LMC. 
‘It is our common resolve to use the opportunity created by this pandemic to revisit our league and ensure that we come back stronger with uncommon  reforms and transformation to make the NPFL better going forward. 
17 out of 20 Club Chairmen had earlier voted to end the season, and declare league leaders, Plateau United as winners.

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